Winter Activities

Sunndal is a paradise for those who love snow, skiing and towering mountains. Here you will find more information about winter activities.

  • Toppturer

    Det er mange flotte turmuligheter i Sunndalsfjella. Med utgangspunkt i Ålvundeid/Virumdalen, Øksendalen og Jordalsgrenda har en flere flotte toppturmuligheter.

  • Sunndal Alpinsenter

    Sunndal Alpinsenter

    Sunndal Alpine Centre is beautifully situated on Børsetlia, Ålvundeid. The lift offers several challenges for the whole family. There are two main ski slopes and between these multiple small runs. The top of the elevator is a particularly good starting point for cross country skiing, both short, easy trips and longer trips inwards the mountain plains, and up to the peaks.

  • Lysløyper


    I Sunndal har du gode muligheter til å gå og trene på ski i de mange lysløypene som finnes rundt om i kommunen.

  • Skøyteis



    You can find the only skating ice in Sunndal at Gjøra.

  • Eikedalen på langs. Foto: Tor Olav Naalsund. Contrast Adventure,

    Contrast Adventure

    Contrast Adventure is an adventure and activity company that operates in Mid-Norway, where the nature is filled with awe-inspiring contrasts… from the ocean, along the coastline, through the fjord, and up to the plateau and mountain peaks.

  • Foto: Natur og Utfordring

    Natur og Utfordring

    Nature Challenge offers courses in personal interaction and boundary breaking (team building), adventure activities (kickoff), play / fun, nature and wilderness school for students. The elements provided by adventure activities and experiences. In addition we have activities where play, fun and socializing is the main content.

  • Sunndal svømmehall

    Sunndal svømmehall

    Sunndal swimming pool is located on school and sports area just outside of central Sunndalsøra. The swimming pool has two pools, a large pool and a heated pool. The swimming pool can also be rented for private events.