Vinnufossen Waterfall

Vinnufossen has its outspring from Vinnubreen glacier, which is Møre and Romsdals largest glacier, and cascades down the mountainside with a 860 meters drop in several steps. Vinnufossen can be experienced from a laybay on highway 70, just a few kilometers from Sunndalsøra towards Oppdal.

Vinnufossen is number 6 on the list of the world's highest waterfalls (World Waterfall Database). The total drop is 865 meters and it falls in four stages before it reaches the bottom of the valley. It is at its most spectacular on hot days in the period from June to August.

It is easy to see from road 70, a few km from Sunndalsøra towards Oppdal. To come closer to the foot of the waterfall, keep walking the path a few hundred meters further up the valley, and then follow a marked path up along the river in about 10 minutes.

The waterfall has its source in Vinnubreen glacier, which is Møre and Romsdals largest glacier with a surface area of 1.3 km2 and 1.8 km in extent.

Worth knowing about waterfalls:
Nine of the world's 20 tallest waterfalls are in Norway and several of them in Fjord Norway and Nordmøre. The waterfalls are not only beautiful, they are also important sources of energy. In Norway almost all electricity comes from hydropower.