• Visit Waterfalls Traktorsafari

    Visit Waterfalls Traktorsafari

    Experience the spectacular Åmotan from the tractor trolley! From the 1st of July Visit Waterfalls offers daily safaries. Read more and book at http://www.visitwaterfalls.no/opplevelser/

  • Eikedalen på langs. Foto: Tor Olav Naalsund. Contrast Adventure,

    Contrast Adventure

    Contrast Adventure is an adventure and activity company that operates in Mid-Norway, where the nature is filled with awe-inspiring contrasts… from the ocean, along the coastline, through the fjord, and up to the plateau and mountain peaks.

  • Fishing


    Driva starts their race in key areas of Dovre and plunges down between steep mountains on its way to Sunndalsfjorden. The river is one of the best trout rivers and a good salmon river. You can also try your hand at sea fishing in Sunndalsfjorden or Ålvundfjorden.

  • Lirype. Foto Sunndal Fjellstyre

    Hunting in Sunndal

    Sunndal Fjellstyre manages the hunting rights for Statskog in Sunndal. Most of the rights are in Dovrefjell and Sunndalsfjella National Park. With its 480 km2 and about 100 fishing lakes this is an adventouros area for angelers, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts.

  • Foto: Natur og Utfordring

    Natur og Utfordring

    Nature Challenge offers courses in personal interaction and boundary breaking (team building), adventure activities (kickoff), play / fun, nature and wilderness school for students. The elements provided by adventure activities and experiences. In addition we have activities where play, fun and socializing is the main content.

  • Foto: Sunndal Golfklubb

    Sunndal Golfklubb

    Sunndal Golfclub is a small golfclub run by voulenteers. It has a sloped 6-holes course idyllically located around a pond.

  • Sunndal svømmehall

    Sunndal svømmehall

    Sunndal swimming pool is located on school and sports area just outside of central Sunndalsøra. The swimming pool has two pools, a large pool and a heated pool. The swimming pool can also be rented for private events.

  • Hiking


    Sunndal is a junction of tracks within The Norwegian Trekking Association. Here tracks from three of tourist associations in the country meets, and you are sure to find a trip that suits you.

Summer Activities

Hiking in a national park, fishing for wild salmon in Driva, cycling and hiking. What would you like to do?