Mountain farms of Sunndal

In Seterlandet Sunndal you take part in the life on a traditional summer pastures farm, a long with the farmes, goats and cows. The farm produces traditional food, a tasty treat for many a tourist. The food tastes even better in an mountain farm environment, among authentic farm houses in the beautiful mountain scenery. In this setting you will guaranteed lower your shoulders.

Mountain farms of Sunndal


After one and a half hour hike inward lush Grøvudalen valley you come to the mountain village Gammelsetra. Here is a unique and authentic mountain environment with ancient farm houses and very green mountain hills, surrounded by stone walls. At the inner Gammelsetra the old farm traditions are kept alive by a group of enthusiastic youngsters. You can follow cheese cooking up close and enjoy real farm food. The farms arranged classes every summer. Guests can stay on the farm and participate in the daily work. The farmes has rewards for efforts to preserve the farmhouse and mountain traditions.

Day visits

Everybody are welcome for day visits. Renndølsetra and Gammelsetra offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course waffles and coffee. Torbuvollen serves waffles and coffee. Mountain farms also sell their farm produce direct from the farm. When visiting the farms you can, by appointment, participate in taking care of the cows and the processing of milk.


Renndølsetra is located in Inner Valley, the most beautiful valley. Innerdalen has a long and strong tradition of Norwegian mountain tourism, and was protected as Norway's first conservation area in 1967. Since 1950, mountain tourists received food and shelter on Renndølsetra. Today it offers 25 beds and full board. Summer farming has history dating back to 1740. Much of the story can be read in the walls at the mountain farms authentic buildings. Renndølsetra has been awarded Norwegian Heritage award Olavsrosa for integrated work environment on the farm. Current production is sour cream and butter from cow and goat. With only an hour's walk by carriage road Renndølsetra is also a good destination for daytrips. The famous waffles are mandatory!


In Torbudalen / the Aursjø area there has been registered traces of the people who are approx. 10,000 years old. Among them is the southernmost Lapp settlement found. The area has always been used for hunting and fishing. Summer farming in Torbudalen valley is however not particularly old. It started about 1840. Most farms were closed down as a result of the damming of Osvatnet in 1954. Torbuvollen was rebuilt in 1977 and in 2001 it again started operating with cows and goats and processing of all the milk on the farm. It produces both sour cream and butter, brown and white cheese. The mountain farm also offer dining and lodging in a small annex. On request, it can also offer guided cultural walks in the area. You can drive right up to the farm.

Welcome to Seterlandet Sunnyvale!