Travel to Sunndal

Sunndal is located in between two airports and is easily available from the E6 and the Dovre Railway between Trondheim and Oslo. You can easily get here by plane, bus, train and car.


Sunndalsøra-Molde: 90 km
Sunndalsøra-Kristiansund: 105 km
Sunndalsøra-Oppdal: 70 km
Sunndalsøra-Oslo: 465 km
Sunndalsøra-Trondheim: 165 km


Nettbuss Møre is located in Sunndalsøra and has routes on Nordmøre.
From Sunndalsøra there are daily connections to Molde, Ålesund, Kristiansund, Trondheim and Oppdal.
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Between Sunndal and Surnadal there is a ferry connection between Kvanne and Rykkjem. It will take about 10 min, and the ferry runs every half hour throughout the day, with some breaks.
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NSB takes you from across Norway and Oppdal Skysstasjon. Find your train on


Find your flights to / from Molde and Kristiansund:
To / from Molde Airport Aro: Norwegian, SAS and Widerøe
To / from Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget: SAS and Widerøe
From airports, bus links to Sunndal, but not of all departures. Check bus routes.