Øksendalsøra - a living tradition. Øksendalsøra, comprising tre river estuaty, the beach areas and the architectual environment, make up a whole with great preservation value.

Øksendalsøra is a estuarie where the river Usma runs out in the Sunndalsfjord. It represents one of the few intact, typically developed landscape elements originating at the many fjordends in Møre og Romsdal county.

Øksendalsøra gradually became a village, a centre of the rural community. In the course of time one could find here a boarding house, shops, a steam ship quay, and craftsmen like tailors, shoemakers, smiths, photograper, and even a dyehouse. Later came a post-office, a telephone exchange, a cooperative shop, a bank and a municipal administration buliding. Today, the village Øksendalsøra consists of 30 buildings which are concideres to be worth preservation. Among these, 10 are concideres to be worth preservation because of their own inherent quality, whereas 20 other buildings are seen as valuable parts of the architectural environment as a whole. At Øksendalsøra there are also farms, a church and a rural museum.

Øksendalsøra was in 1990 declared the "best cept village" in Møre og Romsdal and was one of 20 villages described inn the book "Most beatiful in the country - twenty well cept places in Norway" by  Stephan Tschudi-Madsen (Director-general of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage). 

Watch film from Øksendalsøra (Gunnar Erstad, 2015).