Leikvin Culture Heritage Park

Several thousand years of cultural history in one small area. Here is one of the largest burial grounds from the Iron Age, an more than one hundred years old British landscape garden with a floral wealth of more than 50 species of plants, as well as a rural museum that tells the history and culture of Sunndal over the centuries by means of the buildings and objects. Central to the story on Leikvin is the British salmon fishing and the history of Sunndals uncrowned queen, Lady Barbara Arbuthnott.

Welcome to Leikvin!

Leikvin is located ten minutes by car from Sunndalsøra center. The heritage park consists of several parts that together form one image of cultural history over the last 3000 years. Throughout the year several popular events at the museum, such as the Viking Market and Leikvin reunions, fills the area with activities and entertainment.

The museum is a visitor center for the heritage park and consists of several buildings from different parts of the municipality. The oldest integral building owned by the museum are from the 1400s and is the oldest in this part of the country.

The museum has several new exhibits on hunting, salmon fishing, the Sunndal history in general and the British salmon fishing with Barbara Arbuthnott in particular.

Hours: 15 June - 15th August, Tuesday to Sunday. 12-17.
The museum is open on request outside normal hours.

To walk around the museum grounds is free and a popular destination for a lunch in the open air or just to get away from the traffic to a quieter time.

Prices for guided tours: NOK 50 for adults, NOK 10 for children over 10 years.
Group Sales: more than 10 people NOK 40 / adult, more than 20 people NOK 30 / adult.

The Phillipsgarden is a rhododendron garden in the traditional British countryside style, created by brit Ethelbert Lort.Phillips the 1890s. There are over 50 species of plants, many of these rhododendrons will through the summer fill the garden with color. The oldest rhododendron have almost grown into forests with flowers several meters in height.

The burial ground is the largest in Nordmøre with an unusual number of the graves and headstones of different forms, including 4 very rare star-shaped graves. Informational signs guides the visitor through 1000 years of history from the Iron Age and Roman times to the end of the Viking Age. And not least, it is a nice walk in a distinctive area where one can sense the times when Sunndal was the center of power in Inner Nordmøre.

The cemetery at Løykja is the place where you can see the graves of the main characters in the story of Lady Barbara Arbuthnott. Here is the lady herself, her son, her chamber maid and others connected with the story buried. This is where the main church in Sunndal in the old days was situated and the area has been used for worship also in pagan times.

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