The Instagram Boathouses

The motive catches the eyes. The contrast to the steep Mt. Hovsnebba, the symmetry and the colours of the boathouses, together with the mirroring in the water, is a winning combination, says the local amateur photographer Ole Erik Loe. He has thousands of exposures of the popular motive.

nausta RR

And he is not alone. At Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and other websites, there is pictures of this motive from all hours of the day and times of year. And they are seen by millions of people. - It is surprisingly many phptographers from all over Europe, and it is obviously many norwegians who is coming here to catch this motive, says Loe.

The motive is also used om a puzzle by Ravensburger, in 1000 pieces. 

Also other motives from the wild and beautiful nature in Sunndal are populare in the social media. Innerdalen and Innerdalstårnet is a populare motive, and Instagram posts attracts visitors from all around the world.


Fint the way to the boathouses:

kart nausta