Innerdalen - Norways most beautiful mountain valley

Innerdalen has frequently been called the most beautiful mountain valley in Norway. Drive rv 70 road between Sunndalsøra and Tingvoll, turn towards Ålvundeid and follow the signs to Innerdalen. Park your car and enjoy a stroll for an hour, on the 4 kilometers to the heart of Innerdalen.

Renndølsetra panorama ThomasNegård

Innerdalen - Norway's first landscape protection area.

Innerdalen has been in the Opdøl family since it was purchased in 1740. For nearly 300 years, the valley has been used for summer farming and grazing. In the 60's a largescale develpoment of hydropower started in Norway. With its steep mountains and many rivers, Innerdalen were interesting for companies working with power generation. The landowner Øystein Opdøl chose to turn down good power revenues, and wanted to avoid this development. He wanted to take care of the nature so that future generations could experience the unique landscape of Innerdalen valley. This was a very unusual standpoint from a landowner, but together with the Norwegian Alpine Club, he took the initiative to preserve the property.
This work led to that the country's first conservation area was established in Innerdalen already in 1967, with an area of ​​73 square kilometers.

The purpose of the protection of Innerdalen is to preserve a beautiful natural landscape that because of the topography, waterways and vegetation has significant recreational and scientific value.
The toughts Øystein Opdøl had on environmental protection and sustainable use of nature in the 60s stands up well to this day.

Since the valley is protected, it is not possible to drive to Innerdalen. But it only takes about an hour to walk to the farm. And remember - the longer time you use, the greater the experience of nature.

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