Waterfall guide

Few places have as many impressive waterfalls as Sunndal. Here are the five must see waterfalls in the region.

Waterfall guide

#1. Vinnu

From the picnic area at Holskeidet, one can see the Vinnu waterfall. This is the world›s 7th longest waterfall, falling 865 m down the mountainside. The volume of water varies here, and can be most impressive during snow melting in June or after heavy rains.
If you want an up close experience, you can follow the bike path a few hundred meters up the valley, before turning onto a trail that will lead you up to under the waterfall. From Holskeidet there are nice views of many waterfalls in the areal, such as Skorga, a bit farther east.


Around Åmotan, rivers from six different valleys come together. Lindalsfallet and Svøufallet are the most impressive as they fall down the side on the canyon and into the Grøvu river.

#2. Lindalsfallet

Lindalsfallet, or Lindalsfossen, is the most mighty of the waterfalls into Åmotan. A free fall of 110 m! Lindalsfallet is hidden gem you have to walk to see. Ørnsnydda at Jenstadsida is a great viewpoint for the waterfall.

#3. Svøufallet

Svøufallet is ranked as one of the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in the world! From the parking by Fallet, on the way up to Svisdalen, you can peer right into the waterfall. To experience the full intensity of the 313 m waterfall, you can walk down to Åmotan from Jenstad.

Come close to Åmotan:

From the road/by car:

  • Om the way to Svisdalen (parking by the road) 
  • At Jenstad you can have a coffee at the local cafe, an enjoy the mighty waterfalls and landscape. 

By foot: 
Parking at Jenstad

  • Walk down in Åmotan and come close to the Svøu waterfall. You can walk on the paths down in the canyon, crossing rivers on narrow bridges.  See description and map here. 
  • Round trip Lundlia-Åmotan, where you get close til Lindalsfallet, walking through beautiful lanscapes on the way til Åmotan. The trip is 6,5 km and takes 2-3 hours. See details and map here.


Many believe that Aursjøvegen is a tougher experience than the much better known Trollstigen. And there are waterfalls to see all along the way. Even though most of the water in this area is dammed and diverted, there are still many impressive free flowing waterfalls. The two most impressive being Tågfossen and Mardalsfossen.

#4. Tågfossen

Tågfossen flows from Tågvatna lake (1.088 moh) to Dalavatnet in the bottom of the valley, with a free fall of more than 700 m. Tågfossen is especially impressive early in the summer, and on very warm days. It is nearly dry by late summer. Tågfossen is the 28th highest waterfall in the world, with the 9th highest free fall.

#5 Mardalsfossen

You can’t visit Eikesdalen without exploring Mardalsfossen, a multi-stage waterfall. The waterfall is 655 m tall all together, with a 297 m free falling section (water level dependent). From the parking in Mardalen, there is a marked trail to the waterfall. This 45 min walk takes you right up the base of the waterfall, with the possibility of a nice cold shower for those interested. See description and map here.