Flåøya - the Flå irland - is a beautiful peninsula by Flå in Sunndalsfjorden. Flåøya is a popular outdoor and recreation area for the people of Sunndal. The irland has an interesting culture and landscape with traces of activity from the Stone Age to today.


Thorugh the Iron Age Flå was situated central in the Sunndalsfjord, hence the many graves from the migration period and to the Viking Age. Many of the graves on Flåøya have information in english and german.

On the south end of Flåøya, there is a nice outdoor area where you cand spend the day on picnic, take a swim and enjoy the spectacular view inward the Sunndalsfjord to the Sunndal mountains.

  • How to get to Flåøya

    Take off to Opdøl from rv 70 north of Sunndalsøra. 
    Follow the road along the fjord till you reach Flå (about 5 kilometres).

    There is å parking about 100 meters from the Flå farm.
    From the parking you can easily walk over to Flåøya, where you find paths all around the irland.