Contrast Adventure

Contrast Adventure is an adventure and activity company that operates in Mid-Norway, where the nature is filled with awe-inspiring contrasts… from the ocean, along the coastline, through the fjord, and up to the plateau and mountain peaks.

Foto: Erik G. Fagerhaug, Contrast Adventure.


The goal is to follow the geoturism principals in all activities and trips.

Nature, Culture and History

Nature is the foundation for all trips. Culture and history are natural ingredients to make the tour a unique experience. As the three elements presented in logo, Contrast Adventure focus on the connection between Nature, Human Beings and Culture – the Ecosystem.

Certified guides with local knowledge

Contrast Adventure only use certified guides with local knowledge and connections. This increases the security, flexibility and also enhances the total tour experience for each customer.

How to behave out in the wilderness

All activities are within the nature’s own limits. Contrast Adventure will behave in a way that is harmonic with nature preserving it for future generations.

Each trip is unique.

Below you find some tour suggestions, but if there are any trips you would like to do, we are happy to customize an adventure for you and your group.  

Each trip lives its own life, depending upon the group, the weather, the guide and the interaction between all of you. We can truly say that each trip is unique!

In their office, you will meet Anne Stine Mathisen, who is the daily manager. The rest of the crew you will meet on your journey. Please contact them for information for trips on the top of Fjord Norway!


    Winter adventure


    From the fjord to the mountain
    Other guided trips


    Sunndal Ski Session


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