Aursjøvegen Mountain Road

Aursjøvegen road - from the fjords to the rugged mountains. Aursjøvegen is a road to mountains and wild valleys, heady waterfalls, potholes, the power history, marked hiking trails and the great outdoors.

For thousands of years, people have crossed the mountain between Sunndal and Eikesdalsvatnet. On the endless plains roam muskox, caribou and wolverine. Aursjøvegen is a wonderful experience.

Straight from Sunndalsøra way up the narrow Litldalen valley with the coarse, wild river valley floor. The waterfalls cascades into a free fall from 1900 meters altitude. The road twists and bends and lifts you up on the plateau. Here is located Aursjøhytta cabin and invites you to a good meal and a good bed. Aursjøvegen curves along the border of Dovre - and Sunndalsfjella National Park. A 400 meters easy walk from the car road you are suddenly on the edge Aurstupet, treat yourself to this view! Finsetlia with the tightest turns and views make more famous mountain roads "jealous." In Eikesdalen valley you find one of the world's highest waterfalls, Mardalsfossen (open 20.06 -20.08).

Along Aursjøvegen there are several organized walking trails, lookouts and picnic areas. Aursjøen and other lakes are suitable for fishing and canoeing. Litldalen valley is known for demanding climbing routes and ice climbing in winter.

The high mountains have an extensive walking grid and many believe that here you will find some of the finest mountain areas in Norway.

Welcome to Aursjøvegen!