Åmotan - the Niagara of the North

A unique natural phenomenon in Norway. Steep mountain cliffs, moraine ridges and terraces create a fan-shaped river system where four rivers meet.

Three rivers form magnificent waterfalls down to Åmotan. This site is equipped with well-marked trails with accompanying maps. All trails provides stunning scenery in a very distinctive landscape. The area is botanically one of the richest in the country.

For more information, contact the Tourist information at Sunndalsporten, Gjøra.

Drive highway 70 to Gjøra and Sunndalsporten and follow the mountian road a few kilometers to the parking on Jenstad (limited parking spaces at Jenstad).
Parking by Åmotan NOK 20, -

  • Tractor Safari to Åmotan

    Guidet tour, experiences, food and drinks in spectacular surroundings.

    More information at:  http://www.visitwaterfalls.no/